Nigeria Cricket Federation wishes to formally notify and invite all the States of the Federatin to participate in the forthcoming National Women and Men’s Cricket Championships. The new dates for the competitions are:

  • National Women’s Cricket Championship(Preliminary)-10th to 12th Nov
  • National Women’s Cricket Championship (Finals – Abuja) – 17th to 19th Nov
  • National Men’s Cricket Championship (Preliminary) – 30th Nov to 3rd Dec   
  • National Men’s Cricket Championship (Finals Ibadan/Lagos) -6th to 9th Dec.

Venues for the preliminary stage :


Zone Women Men
South East UNN UNN
South West Ibadan Ibadan
South South Uyo Ughelli
North West Kaduna Kaduna
North Central FCT – Abuja FCT – Abuja

Fourteen (14) players and Two (2) officials are expected to represent a team.

Teams will be responsible for themselves during the preliminary rounds while NCF will be responsible for the Umpires, match balls, pitch preparations and lunch on match days. The Host state will provide the pitch or pitches for the zonal elimination.

For the Finals, NCF will provide transport subsidy, accommodation and Lunch for the teams that qualify to represent their zones.

Yours sincerely,

Kabir Yusuf

Secretary General, NCF