The Nigeria Cricket Federation is pleased to announce to the general public that the National Women’s team camp in preparation for an Invitational tournament in Ghana will hold. Venue for the camp is scheduled to hold in Murtala Square, Kaduna State. The players are expected to arrive camp on Wednesday 27th December 2017 for the phase 1 of the trials that will hold from 28th of December 2017 to the 6th of January 2018. The Phase 2 will continue with a list of 16 from 7th to 14th January 2018 before departure of 14 man squad to Accra-Ghana for the competition which is scheduled for the 19th – 23rd of January 2018.

The team is expected back in the country on the 24th January 2018.

36 players invited to camp are represented thus:

  1. Jeeka Anido———————————–Kaduna State
  2. Blessing Nwobodo—————————-Kaduna State
  3. Grace Ifeanyi………………………………………..Kaduna State
  4. Mary Desmond…………………………………….Kaduna State
  5. Vivian Anyanwu..—————————-.Kaduna State
  6. Jessica Jayok———————————Kaduna State
  7. Ashafa Modupe——————————-FCT
  8. Cecelia Ejeh———————————–FCT
  9. Oalat Aregbesola—————————–FCT
  10. Funmi Omoniyi——————————FCT
  11. luzi Ojobo————————————-FCT
  12. Vera Akhidenor——————————Edo State
  13. Agharese Okooboh————————–Edo State
  14. Victoria Emmanuel————————–Edo State
  15. Samantha Agazuma————————–Edo State
  16. Joy Efosa————————————–Edo State
  17. Agatha Obulor——————————–Edo State
  18. Kafayat Olusunde—————————–Edo Stae
  19. Kehinde Abdulquadri————————Oyo State
  20. Taiwo Abdulquadri————————–Oyo State
  21. Rachael Samson——————————Oyo State
  22. Seun Awonusi———————————Ogun State
  23. Jessica Izuakor——————————–Anambra State
  24. Azuka Ekemezie——————————Anambra State
  25. Eunice Sunday——————————–Niger State
  26. Blessing Etim———————————Akwa Ibom
  27. Fate Fyneface———————————Rivers State
  28. Ubelema Frank——————————-Rivers State
  29. Christy Bulus———————————Plateau State
  30. Hannah Ayoka——————————-Lagos State
  31. Ruth Ayyanaike——————————Lagos State
  32. Mosunmola Job——————————Lagos State
  33. Adetutu Oladare—————————–Lagos State
  34. Esther Birn———————————–Lagos State
  35. Shakirat Oyewole—————————-Lagos State
  36. Rosemary Itua——————————–Lagos State

Further information will be conveyed accordingly as the camp progresses. for further information

contact:  Joseph Onoja

NDM North (08037020064)