The town of Ilesha in Osun state was lit up on Friday June 8th when Cricket was introduced to four (4) new schools.  The coaching clinic was conducted by the N.C.F regional development officer for South-west Mr. Basty Abiola Cardoso. The Venue for the coaching Clinic was Ilesa High School.

Other schools in attendance were;

  • Obokun high school,
  • St Lawrence grammar school.
  • The Apostolic grammar school


The morning began with data collection and accreditation followed by a class room session for the students to expose them to visuals of the game and a knowledge of how the game is played. samples of Cricket equipment and gears were displayed for the students to get familiar with and also a bit on the spirit of the game was also taught.


The afternoon session resumed after lunch with field practical work. Areas of introductory coaching include basics in Bating, Bowling and Fielding

  • BATING ( Grip, Stance and Back lift)
  • BOWLING (Grip, and Arm rotation)
  • FIELDING (Catching, Throwing, Long and Short Barrier etc).

Also present at the coaching clinic were 4 games masters representing the various schools and 4 other local coaches.

A total of 82 boys and 74 girls making a cumulative total of 156 students were introduced to the game. At the end of the clinic, practice bat shapes and tennis balls were donated to the various schools in attendance by the Regional Development manager