The female development officers for the Nigeria Cricket Federation have taken the initiative as the NCF Coaching and development seminar continues to yield dividends.

N.C.F Female development officer in Anambra state, Azuka Onwujiobi, has taken the game to schools in Nnewi, Anambra state.

In her bit to spread the game and increase popularity, she has been going to schools, using the morning assembly period to run introductory sessions for both teachers and student. Interested kids register thereafter and coaching clinic is organized. The School break hour is used for actual coaching and so far over 300 new kids have been introduced to the game. 165 female kids and 135 male kids ranging from Primary 1 to junior secondary school 3 have been part of the program so far.

Schools covered so far includes 6 primary schools and 4 secondary schools.

Schools that have benefited include:


  1. Little Bright Angels School, Nnewi.
  2. St. Joseph International School, Nnewi.
  3. God’s Wisdom International School, Nnewi.
  4. Idel Primary School, Nnewi.
  5. Maranata International School, Nnewi.



  1. Nneoma Secondary School.
  2. Vision High International School.
  3. Kantina International School.
  4. Mabel Devin Secondary School.


With this development, the number of school children playing cricket in Nnewi, as-well-as general knowledge of the game among-st teachers and parents is set to hit 500 by the end of the year.

Azuka has already received commendations from the NCF Secretariat for the good work, equipment and other coaching materials are also been sent across as support from the Federation.