The Pakistan Community Association Abuja, Nigeria (PCAAN) in partnership with the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) successfully organized the 5th edition of the PCAAN Super 6 Softball Cricket Championship 2018.


The event took place on the 24th and 25th of November at the Cricket Oval, National Stadium, Package B with 11 teams participating.


The championship which dated 5 years back started with 4 teams only as the Pakistan community in Abuja decided to give something back to the Cricket family locally. Over the years, more teams have also participated from other Asian communities as well as indigenous clubs.


The Nigeria Cricket Federation decided to partner with PCAAN in this edition and subsequent editions to come because they intend to engage in a more inclusive form of the game that would afford the opportunity to expand the playing numbers in Abuja and the country at large.


  1. Pakistan High Commission
  2. The Wrong Un’s (From British High Commission)
  3. Karachi Eagles
  4. Millennium Supernovas
  5. CCA Tigers
  6. Super Daddy CC
  7. Team FCT
  8. Millennium CCA
  9. The Champions
  10. CCA Panthers
  11. Millennium Super Kings


The teams were divided into 3 groups with a round robin fixture. The winners of each groups and the best losers from the group games emerged as the semi-finalist for the championship



Defending Champions CCA Tigers defeated Karachi Eagles in the first Semi-final while Pakistan High Commission Defeated Millennium CCA in the second Semi-final match.


CCA Tigers won the toss and elected to field first sending in Pakistan High Commission to bat. Pakistan High Commission scored a total of 76 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in 4 overs.

In the second innings, CCA Tigers chased down the required total to record 78 runs for the loss of 1 wicket in 3.3 overs

CCA Tigers won by 5 wickets to retain the trophy.


Dignitaries present at the event include;

  1. President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Prof. Yahaya Ukwenya
  2. General Manager of the Federation Mr. Emeka Igwilo
  3. Secretary General of the Federation Mr. Taiwo Oriss
  4. FCT Cricket Association Chairman and Board members
  5. Dare Aimola, Board Member, N.C.F
  6. Representatives from the British High Commission
  7. Representatives from the Pakistan High Commission
  8. Representatives of Sponsors, E.T.C


  1. Cricket Club Abuja Tigers………………………Champions


  1. Best Bowler……………………………….Bose (CCA Tigers)
  2. Best Batsman…………………………….Talha (Karachi Eagles)
  3. Player of the tournament………….Sajjad (Pakistan High Commission)

Winners: CCA Tigers

Runners Up: Pakistan High Commission


  1. Best Bowler: Bose (CCA Tigers)
  2. Best Batsman: Talha (Karachi Eagles)
  • Player of the Tournament: Sajjad (PHC)
  1. Emerging Talent………….Muaz (PHC)
  2. Maiden Over Bowled; Manish (The Champions)
  3. Highest Team Total: 96 Runs (The Champions)
  • ICC Umpire’s Appreciations Award (Mr Musa Ehizoje)