The Nigeria Cricket Federation over the weekend of 5th and 6th April 2019, conducted an elementary coaching course for School Games Masters and Mistresses in the FCT. The Initiative which was conceived and initiated by the Secretariat of the federation was geared towards activating and promoting grassroots Development in the FCT and North Central region.

23 Teaches from 13 schools took part in the exercise


1)Ameh Alechenu-SOS HGJSS
2) Deshi Lengme- SOS HGJSS
3)Suleiman Blessing- GSS KARU
5) Oloruntoba Bamidele – ADSS ASOKORO
6) Osigbemhe John – GSS GARKI
7) John Evelyn – ADSS ASOKORO
8) Daylop Martina – JSS NYANYA
9) Adeolowu Kehinde – LOUISVILLE GIRLS SEC SCH
10) Adeolowu Oluwatobi – LOUISVILLE GIRLS SEC SCH
11) Nda Agbem – JSS NYANYA
12) Onitilo Kayode – PREMIER ACADEMY
13) Akor Andrew – ADSS ASOKORO
14) Elela Olubunmi – JSS AREA 10
15) Ezechukwuma Regina – GSS GARKI
16) Amore Abdulmumuni – GSS T/WADA
17) Philip Obi – MSS MAITAMA
18) Bala Ezekiel – CHRIST ACADEMY
19) Edith Onwuzuluigbo – CHRIST ACADEMY
20)Adebayo Maruf
21)Jimoh Eneye – GSS KARU
22) Loveth Ohwoavworhua – MSS MAITAMA
23) Tinuoso Dolapo


DAY 1:

Morning Session

The participants were introduced to the game with a brief history of the sport specifically in Nigeria and the world, evolution of the sport in Nigeria over the century, landmark achievement in the West Africa region, Continental events attended and feats achieved, Female Cricket and lots more.

The General Manager of the Federation Mr. Emeka Igwilo talked about:

  • Who is a Coach ?
  • Role of a Coach
  • Qualities of a Coach
  • When and how to coach.

Other areas discussed are:

  1. Spirit of Cricket
  2. Bating
  3. Bowling
  4. Fielding
  5. Formats of the game
  6. Pitch Dimensions, Facilities,


BATING (Okechukwu Onwundiwe Jamal)

Areas discussed in Bating include;

  • The Grip, Stance and Back-lift
  • Taking Guard i.e, understanding the Leg, Middle and Off stump
  • Stepping and playing cricket strokes.

BOWLING (Uadiale Ehiguase)

Areas Discussed in Bowling Include;

  • Griping the Ball
  • Arm swing and rotation
  • Run-up and follow-through

FIELDING (Musa Ehizoje Bodie)

Areas discussed in fielding include;

  • Throwing (Over arm and Under Arm)
  • Catching (Fingers cup formation and different ways of catching)
  • Stopping the Balls (Long and Short Barrier)



The afternoon session resumed in the pitch explaining the dimensions of the pitch, off and Leg side of the pitch, functions of the scoreboard and sight screens, creases and markings, fielding positions and restrictions etc. The participants had the opportunity of having a practical session of bowling, bating and fielding.


DAY 2:

Day 2 of the event resumed with a recap of activities done on day 1 and questions were raised and answered accordingly.

Areas of discuss on day 2 include;

  1. Umpiring, Scoring and Officiating
  2. Scoring Runs
  3. Ways of dismissals
  4. Umpire signals and role of scorers
  5. Practical session on scoring.

The lead presenter of the course was Musa Ehizoje Bodie and supported by other NCF resource persons.

Certificate of participation was presented at the end of this program to the attendees