14th July 2021

The Nigeria Cricket Federation is pleased to announce to all Stake Holders, Players, Coaches, Umpires and Fans that the PitchVision One technology has been acquired. The Board of the Federation when Inaugurated in July 2017 clearly had a mission of 5 Key development imperatives for which the acquisition of this technology further amplifies the 2nd key mission which is ‘’Upgrading infrastructure in key locations in line with international standards and making modern equipment available to players at all level’’.

PitchVision is state of the art Cricket performance technology equipment for players of all levels, from grassroots to professional. The technology is a revolutionary motion-capture system that puts elite level analysis into the hands of Players, Coaches, Umpires, Administrators at National, Club or School level.

Nigeria’s qualification of the ICC Under-19 world cup 2020 in South Africa and the participation of the senior men’s team in ICC T-20 world cup qualifier in the UAE were indications that Nigeria has come of age to measure up with world powers in the game. The Federation took a step further in December 2020 when they hired the services of a foreign coach Asanka Gurusinha as National Coach and High Performance Manager, to be in charge of elite Cricket development in the country.

The PV1 technology was one among the numerous high performance equipment suggested by Asanka for the overall development and analysis of players performance for coaches and more.


PitchVision’s unique Hardware and Software offers capabilities to capture training and cricket matches


I. Custom built computer and video camera hardware designed to work in any Cricket environment
II. Most economical way of sharing contents from Academies and remote locations.
III. Easy installation both indoor and outdoor


i. User friendly
ii. Suitable for coaching and live match analysis
iii. Instant bifurcate of videos and statistics into logical and consumable contents

The Caretaker committee Chairman of the Nigeria Cricket Federation Prof. Yahaya Ukwenya received the equipment on behalf of the Federation, citing the importance and timing. ‘’We have invested a great deal in our grassroots and high performance department over the last 4 years. The PitchVision is one of the many efforts to improve our game, the turf wickets and facility development across the country, hiring a foreign coach to head the high performance department, purchasing starter pack equipment for the Accelerated Growth Program and Coach’s education are all areas of interest to us. The PitchVision technology no-doubt will help us produce better players by correcting their deficiencies in techniques and skill as the case may be.


The PV is a revolutionary technology that provides coaches and players better ways to approach trainings and improve. Advantages include;

• A Motion-Tracking system that brings high end analysis to players at all levels.
• Uses 3 cameras for training and talent identification
• Automatically generates videos that are instantly edited and tagged to the players involved
• Simultaneously generates relevant cricketing Statistics, Line, Length, Bounce, Deviation, Pace etc.
• Helps to enhance and accelerate player’s ability to understand their game.
• Players’ performance outcome can be uploaded to the PitchVision (Players Management System) cloud and which is available on mobile App as well.


• Provides different camera angles and instant replay for TV Umpires to make judgment calls around the pitch during a match
• Helps on-field umpires to judge the bounce, trajectory and deviation of balls
• Comprehensive Match Scoring Software which provides ball by ball scoring, lodging the score with videos.
Other benefits of the PitchVision technology is that it can be used for live streaming of matches and also creates Match Video Highlights that can be instantly shared on Social Media.


Another unique feature of the PV1 is the Player Management Platform which allows Players, Coaches and Administrators to streamline their data into one central place and keep track of their activities.
All users can upload various types of content such as
• Video
• Audio
• Photos
• Document
• Accessible from any Smartphone, tablet or PC

Each player has their profile to view all their content and can start conservation with any of the coaches within the portal via the notes section. Other special features of the Player Management System include;
• Match Day Highlights
• Coaching Videos and Statistics
• Game Scores
• Gym Preparation Work
• Player Assessment Survey (Mental, Physical)
• Fitness Tracking
• Growth Rate (Spine MRI)
• Physiotherapy reporting and updates
• Bowler Workload Management (Balls Bowled, Surface, Match, Coach)
• Community wide announcement (Team selection, Team Performance, Player of the week)
• Video Analysis Tools
• Notes and Memo

Reacting to the PitchVision1 technology, the immediate past Vice President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Mr. Uyi Akpata, expressed delight at the acquisition of the system saying; ‘’The PV1 technology will help Nigeria as a nation to develop her elite and grassroots coaching structures using modern technology, coaches at all levels will be able to identify players weaknesses and provide solutions where necessary; this is another clear indication that the Federation is on the right track of improving the overall standard of Cricket in Nigeria to be at par with other big Cricketing nations in the world, and above all, fulfilling the ultimate goal by achieving the ICC Full Member Status in the near future he said.’’


PV App is designed to allow coaches and players to interact in real time by;
• Record and tag videos
• Bio-Mechanical drawing tools
• Slow Motion
• Match Scores
• Match Videos
• Bowling Workload Management
• Snapshots/Freeze Frames
• Pitch Maps
• Wagon Wheel
• Audio Memo
• Import Videos from Phone Libraries

Asanka Gurusinha, the Head coach and High Performance Manager added that NCF is the latest Associate country to join Pitch Vision. This is a long-term investment. Pitch Vision’s unique Hardware and Software combination offer capabilities to capture training and cricket matches be it grassroots or professional anytime, anywhere. All National players from U-15 to senior level can be captured to create a database of players coming through the ranks. The most important for me is the cameras. We can video all players and support in the progress and development of NCF cricket. PV App is designed to allow coaches and players interact in real time.

The Nigeria Cricket Federation will continue to put structures and programs in place to improve and sustain the growth and development of the game in Nigeria. The landmark achievements and other giant strides achieved in the last 4 years will be sustained.