As a follow up to the maiden seminar for umpires and scorers in Oyo State, the State Chapter of the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers in Nigeria (ACUSN) held its second seminar in as many years. This seminar was originally billed for 2020 but the global pandemic truncated the plans. However, the Module 2 of the Basic Cricket Umpiring seminar finally held at the basketball court hall of the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan, on the 24th of July, 2021.

The seminar kicked off with opening remarks from the chairman of the national body, Ehizoje Bodie Musa; who, despite not being able to physically attend, was prompt in linking up virtually, preparing the minds of the young learners for what was to come. He also charged the female attendees to pick up the challenge of rising to the occasion, and filling up the available spaces in female officiating at national and international levels.

Areas covered during the seminar were:

* Pre-match duties and agreements
* Artificial pitches
* Unfair play
* Wicket down
* Decisions
* Conflicts
* Order of dismissals
* Absent fielder
* Scoring

After the classroom session, the attendees were taken to the field for a round of practical demonstration, to further illustrate the points that have been shared in the classroom. Next was the test of understanding, which proved that many of the participants deeply understood the knowledge that was shared in class as they answered many of the questions with deep understanding and conviction.

As the seminar was winding to a close, the National Chairman took the floor again to further drive home the points, share some deep experiences and also congratulate everyone for the success of the event.

The State Chapter Chairman, Olumide Akintokun then closed the seminar as he thanked the attendees for their participation and support throughout the seminar. A total of 35 participants took part in the exercise.