Nigeria Cricket Federation extends capacity beyond boarders.

The Nigeria Cricket Federation in recent times has been engaged with activities geared towards achieving the 5 Key strategic imperatives for development in the country and that has drawn commendations from Cricket governing bodies home and abroad. Ahead of the Africa Games ‘’Accra 2023’’ , facility upgrade and construction have become the front burner for the Ghana Cricket Association.

As part of the support system and big brother role in West Africa, the NCF have approved for the services of our turf wickets Consultant, Mr. Yemi Amusa and the Chief Grounds man Mr Francis Atekega to be contracted by the Ghana Cricket Association.

The duo will provide expert advice and services in the construction of a turf wicket at the famous Achimota Cricket Oval in Accra.

Preliminary discussions took place during the just concluded Women’s T20I tournament in Lagos where the President of the Federation Mr. Uyi Akpata and Presidents of other countries, engaged in a closed door meeting to discuss collaborations on how to grow the game in the continent.

On ground in person to witness this milestone achievement in Ghana Cricket was the President of the Federation, Mr Uyi Akpata.