ICC Cricket 4 Good Social Impact Initiative of the Year – Nigeria Cricket Federation

Nigeria have claimed the Cricket 4 Good Social Impact Initiative of the Year award for their cricket programmes as a tool for engaging and assisting in the development of internally displaced refugees as a result of violence within the country. Over 2,000 children are involved in the programme, which deploys coaches to teach cricket skills, as well as provides humanitarian aid to the significant number of people impacted by these issues.

Uyi Akpata, the President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation said: “With a couple of thousand introduced to the game, and a boys and girls team involved in the State’s secondary schools’ tournament, we have seen cricket largely contributing to addressing the issues of integration and inclusion of disadvantaged children in the country. On behalf of the almost 2,000 students in the Benin IDP Camp and two million children in various camps, we accept this special recognition.”

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