When it comes to age grade and youth cricket in Nigeria, once again all eyes and attention are focused towards the highly anticipated 5th edition of the NCF/PwC National U-17 Championship. The Zonal qualification is set to unfold from January 26th to 28th, 2024 and the National finals in Abuja on the 7th – 11th of February 2024.

As the cricket community gears up for this prestigious event, excitement is reaching unprecedented heights, and for good reason, this year’s edition promises to be the largest yet!

Record Entries Signal Unprecedented Growth

A record-breaking wave of enthusiasm surrounds the championship, with an astounding 33 states entry in the male category, and 25 in the female category. This surge in participation reflects the growing interest and passion for cricket among the youth in Nigeria.

A Showcase of Emerging Talent

The championship is a platform for young cricket talents to showcase their skills, compete at a high level, and forge a pathway towards national recognition. With such an impressive number of entries, the event is poised to unveil a plethora of emerging stars who could potentially shape the future of Nigerian cricket.

Zonal Elimination Format

The zonal elimination format adds an extra layer of intensity and competitiveness. Teams in various regions will vie for supremacy, navigating a challenging path that will ultimately determine the best 14 to make the Zonal team.

Beyond the Boundary

While the focus is undeniably on the cricketing prowess, the championship is also an opportunity for participants to build lasting friendships, foster sportsmanship, and imbibe the values that make cricket not just a game but a way of life.

Supporting the Female Cricket Revolution

Registering entries from 25 states in the female category underscores the commitment to promoting gender inclusivity in cricket. This not only reflects the changing landscape of the sport but also emphasizes the importance of providing equal opportunities for female cricketers to shine on the national stage.

Mark Your Calendars

Cricket enthusiasts, stakeholders, and fans are encouraged to mark their calendars for this cricket extravaganza. Whether you’re a seasoned follower or a newcomer to the world of cricket, the NCF/PwC National U-17 Championship promises riveting matches, exceptional talent displays, and a celebration of the spirit of the game.

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In the North Central Zone, FCT will host the qualification series while Gombe will host the North East. Zamfara State which is one of our major success stories will host the North West zone. In the Southern part of the country, Oyo will play host to the South West, Eboyin in the South East while Edo Stats will host the South-South region.

Gear up and fasten your seatbelt, the 5th edition of the National Under-17 Championship promises to be the best and most exciting thus far…