The 5th edition of the NCF/PwC National U17 Championship kicked off with a burst of excitement as teams showcased their talent and determination. Here’s a recap of the action-packed opening day:

In an impressive display of cricket prowess, the South West Male Team secured a quick victory over the North East Male Team. The match witnessed thrilling moments and showcased the competitive spirit of the young players from the South West region.

The North West Female Team left an indelible mark in the Group A opener by defeating the North East Female Team with a commanding 163-run victory. The North West team displayed remarkable batting skills and bowled their way to a convincing win.

The Group B opener saw the South East Male Team emerging victorious with a dominant 100-run win over the North Central Male Team. The South East players showcased their cricketing prowess and set the tone for an exciting tournament.

Closing the day on a high note, the South West Female Team secured a comprehensive eight-wicket victory over the North Central Female Team. The female players demonstrated skillful batting and precise bowling, paving the way for a convincing win.

The opening day of the 5th NCF/PwC National U17 Championship lived up to expectations, delivering thrilling encounters and setting the stage for a competitive tournament. As the teams continue to battle for supremacy, cricket enthusiasts can expect more action-packed moments and outstanding performances from the young talents on display. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this youth cricket extravaganza