In a thrilling display of cricketing prowess, Tanzania emerged victorious in the NCF Invitational Women’s T20I Tournament 2024. The tournament, which featured competitive clashes between Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania, witnessed outstanding performances and moments of intense competition.

Final Standings:

Tanzania showcased dominance throughout the tournament, securing the top position with an impressive record of 5 wins and 1 loss. Their net run rate of 2.867 underscored their comprehensive performances with both bat and ball, making them the deserving champions of the NCF Women’s T20i Tournament.

Nigeria, securing the 2nd position, displayed a commendable effort with 4 wins and 2 losses. The team’s competitive spirit and skill were evident in their journey through the tournament.

Rwanda claimed the 3rd position with 3 wins and 3 losses, showcasing resilience and competitive grit. The net run rate of 0.740 highlighted the closely contested matches that contributed to their overall standing.

Sierra Leone, though facing challenges, exhibited determination throughout the tournament. Despite finishing in the 4th position, the experience gained will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of women’s cricket in Sierra Leone.

Perice Zakayo Kamunya from Tanzania, consistently delivering exceptional performances, was awarded the Player of the Tournament. Kamunya’s all-around contributions with bat and ball played a crucial role in Tanzania’s success.

Other awardees
1. Fair Play- Hudaa Omary (Tan)
2. Best Batter- Saumu Godfrey Mtae (Tan)
3. Best Bowler – Rosine Irera (Rwa)
4. Best Fielder – Flora Irakoze (Rwa)

Team of the tournament
1. Perice Kamunya (C) (Tan)

2. Saumu Mtae (Tan)

3. Peculiar Agboya (Nig)

4. Henriette Ishimwe (Rwa)

5. Rosine Irera (Rwa)

6. Favour Eseigbe (Nig)

7. Agnes Qwele (Tan)

8. Shola Adekunle (Nig)

9. Zainab Kamara (Sle)
10. Aisha Ally (Tan)

11. Sophia Jerome (Tan)

The NCF Invitational Women’s T20i Tournament 2024 has not only showcased the talent and skill of the participating teams but has also been a celebration of women’s cricket in the region. As the teams continue their journeys in the world of cricket, the tournament’s legacy will inspire future generations of female cricketers to achieve new heights.