In a rollercoaster journey through the group stage of the 13th African Games, Nigeria’s female cricket team has successfully secured a spot in the semi-finals. Despite facing a setback with a loss to South Africa, the Female YellowGreens managed to qualify on net run rate, edging past Tanzania and Namibia.


The group-stage encounter against South Africa proved to be a closely contested battle. Although Nigeria faced a defeat, the match was highly competitive, with South Africa ultimately securing victory by four wickets. The Nigerian team showed resilience and determination, keeping the match tight until the end.


Crucially, Nigeria’s advancement to the semi-finals was determined by their net run rate, which placed them ahead of both Tanzania and Namibia in the group standings. The Female YellowGreens’ ability to balance their wins, losses, and run rates demonstrated their competitive edge in the tournament.


As group A concludes, both South Africa and Nigeria emerge as the qualifying teams for the semi-finals. The stage is now set for a clash between the table-toppers and runners-up from group B, promising intense matchups and high-stakes encounters in the semi-finals.


The Teams’ qualification for the semi-finals is a testament to their skill and determination. As they prepare to face formidable opponents in the knockout stages, the Nigerian female cricket team aims to continue their journey with the same spirit and tenacity that brought them success in the group stage.