The anticipation is building as the Nigeria Men’s Cricket Squad arrives in Ghana for the prestigious 13th African Games. Led by the seasoned Captain Sylvester Okpe, the YellowGreens are ready to showcase their cricket prowess on the continental stage.

The squad comprises a blend of experience and youthful energy, emphasizing the team’s commitment to excellence. Here’s a glimpse of the talented players donning the Nigerian colours:

1. Sylvester Okpe (Captain): Leading the charge with experience and leadership.
2. Joseph Adedeji: A promising talent adding depth to the squad.
3. Peter Aho: Bringing agility and skill to the team.
4. Daniel Ajeku: A reliable player known for his cricket acumen.
5. Akhere Isesele: Combining power and finesse on the field.
6. Abdulmumuni Mohammed: Adding strategic depth to the team.
7. Isaac Okpe: A key player known for his all-round capabilities.
8. Ridwan Kareem: Contributing with his cricketing skills.
9. Sulaimon Runsewe: A dynamic player making his mark.
10. Solomon Chilemanya: Bringing versatility to the squad.
11. Emmanuel Udekwe: A young talent with immense potential.
12. Prosper Useni: Adding experience and skill to the lineup.
13. Isaac Danladi: Contributing to the team’s bowling strength.
14. Joshua Asia: A player known for his cricketing intelligence.
15. Vincent Adewoye: Completing the squad with his cricketing prowess.

As the team settles in Ghana, the expectations are high, and cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the thrilling performances that the YellowGreens are set to deliver. Stay tuned for updates and let’s cheer for Nigeria in the 13th African Games!