The second day of the ICC Annual Conference started with a continuation of finding meanings to the Purpose of Cricket.

An insight into the questions posed by the enquiry tried to define

–      WHY DOES CRICKET EXIST – What is its primary purpose of society?

–      What are the unique Characteristics of Cricket that gives it the purpose?

–      Etc

The answers ranged from the influence of Cricket in building human character and the spirit of the game.

On the areas cricket should focus in terms of social good covered the Health, Lifestyle, Economic Empowerment, Education, Racism, Child Welfare/Poverty, Teamwork, Tolerance, Inclusion (Ethnic, Religious, Gender).

Another brainstorm exercise was effort  on how Cricket can ensure that its purpose is relevant in and adaptable to different parts of the world to allow focus on specific issues in specific regions as required.

Women Cricket was on the front burner. The challenge and focus for ICC is how can we have women and girls involved in cricket – administrators, fans, players, coaches, match officials.

The Growth Strategy Update was also discussed. This covered effort of increasing the number through the Project Wildfire and other inclusive mass participation formats.

The Funding policy and competition structures/event participation were also shared by the team of ICC officials.

Finance and Data unit presented the plan for Africa 2018. Here the roles and responsibilities and how they fit into the delivery of the growth strategy was unfolded to members.

The breakout sessions focused on the areas Africa development should hinge on.