The 3rd edition of the National Youth Games comes up from the 7th – 17th September 2018 at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State.  The Joint Technical Committee met at the senate building of the University of Ilorin on the 24th of May 2018 . Representing the Nigeria Cricket Federation was Mr. Wale Obalola (Board member N.C.F).

below is the communique and resolutions from the meeting.


  • Delegates for the meeting started arriving University of Ilorin by 9am and inspection of the school’s sports facility began at 10am with the inspection led by director of sports University of Ilorin Prof. w Obiyemi .
  • The delegates proceeded to Kwara state Sports center where specific sports facilities were inspected, these sports include squash, Handball, Swimming, Main bowl and Indoor facility. Other facilities visited were the Ilorin Club and Ilorin Golf club where facilities for Golf and Dart were also inspected.
  • The final inspection was the hostel facility that will provide accommodation for players and officials during the games. It was described as adequate and commendable by the inspection team.


                          JOINT TECHNICAL MEETING

The Joint technical meeting chaired by Dr. Ademola Are began at 2.50pm, the meeting was declared open but the DVC representing the V.C and the permanent secretary from the ministry. Highlights of the discussions include


  1. The Federal Ministry of Sports intended to include as many sports as possible, but any sports without facility and the Federation cannot provide such before now and September will be removed from the games.
  2. That Uni Ilorin would be made to accommodate as many sports as possible without recourse to go outside except where absolutely necessary.
  3. It was unanimously recommended that shooting should be removed because of its implication on youths.
  4. It was suggested that Fives should be included so as to encourage other sports for the (NYG) but due to facility provision and attendance, it was dropped.
  5. Observation was raised about preparation of Uni Ilorin facilities but Dr. Are asuured that once funds are released, all necessary facility and repairs would be carried out.
  6. It was observed that the venue for boxing is not appropriate and should be changed. The venue committee promised to look into the issue because of safety.



  • Out of 34 events, only shooting and Fives was stepped down but later Rugby was included to make it 33 events during the games
  • Cricket participation was limited to only 12 players and 2 officials


                                           RULES AND REGULATIONS

  1. That 15% of the total number of contingents of a state will be accredited as the number of contingents for that state. State would cater for the extra.
  2. Any Athlete who is not more than 15 years at the year of the games is eligible to participate.
  • All parents/guardians are to sign guaranty forms to acknowledge their agreement for their wards’ participation.
  1. That any disqualified athlete(s) would pay a sum of N250, 000 only as fine
  2. And the coach of any disqualified athlete(s) would be suspended from Federation’s activities for 1 year
  3. All entries of state contingents will be carried out online and no more paper work
  • That protest fee is non-refundable
  • Any state that refuse/failed to participate would pay a fine of N5m (Five million Naira only)
  1. Any state that registered but refused/failed to participate would pay a fine of N2.5m (Two million five hundred thousand only)



  1. That affiliation fee would not be paid during the Youth games
  2. That it is mandatory for all state to have insurance cover for their contingents (this is to save the state from legal challenges in case of unexpected occurrences).


Please Note:

The NCF have been allocated only a pitch for her activities, we therefor need one or two additional pitches to be prepared. This is due to the increase in the number of other sports just included such as Football, Hockey and Rugby