After the meeting that was held on Monday 7th January, 2019 the following was arrived at:

A new date was agreed upon to be Monday 21st January to Saturday 9th February, 2019; due to mock examination and elections.

Two venues to be used, Ansar-ud-Deen College, Isolo for Female and the Finals on the 9th February and King’s College, Lagos for the male groups.

Igbobi College, Yaba couldn’t present a team leaving the males teams to 8 teams.

Below are the fixtures for the male teams.

3rd Howzat Lagos Junior T20 Cricket Tournament for Alhaji Femi Okunnu Trophy


Group A

1. Ansar-ud-Deen Grammar Sch, S/L – AUD
2. Adebola Baptist High Sch, S/L – ABH
3. CMS Grammar Sch, Bariga – CMS
4. Ansar-ud-Deen College, Isolo – ADC


1. AUD vs ABH
2. CMS vs ADC
3. AUD vs CMS
4. ABH vs ADC
5. AUD vs ADC
6. ABH vs CMS

Group B

1. King’s College, Lagos – KCL
2. St. Gregorys’ College, Ikoyi – SGC
3. Onitolo Community High Sch, S/L – OHS
4. Obele Community High Sch, S/L – OBS


1. KCL vs SGC
2. OHS vs OBS
3. KCL vs OHS
4. SGC vs OBS
5. KCL vs OBS
6. SGC vs OHS

Daily Fixtures


1. AUD vs ABH – GAM1

2. KCL vs SGC – GBM1

3. CMS vs ADC – GAM2


4. OHS vs OBS – GBM2

5. AUD vs CMS – GAM3

6. KCL vs OHS – GBM3


7. ABH vs ADC – GAM4

8. SGC vs OBS – GBM4

9. AUD vs ADC – GAM5


10. KCL vs OBS – GBM5

11. ABH vs CMS – GAM6

12. SGC vs OHS – GBM6



13. TGA vs SGB
14. TGB vs SGA


Third Place
15. LM13 vs LM14


16. WM13 vs WM14

Please note:
Teams are to arrive at match venue by 9:00am and games starts by 9:30am

All male teams to play at King’s College, Lagos and Finals at Ansar-ud-Deen College, Isolo.

Obele Community High School, Surulere and Surulere Girls Secondary School could not present a team leaving the female teams to five.

Find below fixtures for the female teams.

Howzat Lagos Junior T20 Cricket Tournament for Alhaji Femi Okunnu Trophy

Female Draws

Round Robin

1. Ansar-ud-Deen College, Isolo – ADC
2. Ansar-ud-Deen Girls’ High be Sch, Itire – AGS
3. Ideal Girls’ High Sch, S/L – IGH
4. Adebola Baptist High Sch, S/L – ABH
5. Onitolo Community High Sch, S/L – OHS



1. ADC vs AGS
2. IGH vs ABH
3. ADC vs OHS


4. AGS vs IGH
5. ABH vs OHS
6. ADC vs IGH


7. AGS vs ABH
8. IGH vs OHS
9. ABH vs ADC


10. OHS vs AGS


11. 1st vs 4th
12. 2nd vs 3rd


Third Place
13. LM11 vs LM12


15. WM11 vs WM12

Please Note:
Teams to arrival venue by 9:00am and start by 9:30am

All female games to be played at Ansar-ud-Deen College, Isolo