The Basic umpiring course organised by Kaduna Chapter of ACUSN came to a close with a lot of hope that the standard of umpiring will be at its peak not only at the national level, but also at state, secondary and primary levels.

The topic touched basically on the following:

1. Who is an umpire ?
2 Qualities of a good umpire
3 Duties of an umpire
4. Umpire’s signals
5. Play
6. Fair and unfair play
7. Dead ball
8. No ball
9. Wide ball
10. LBW
11. An analysis of some scenarios in a cricket match.

Thirty umpires participated in the Basic course.

Candidates wrote the Basic umpiring examinations.
Successful candidates will be invited for the intermediate umpiring course. If they are successful at this stage, they will be encouraged to take the last course: Advanced umpiring course.

At the Advanced umpiring course, it is our hope that candidates who are successful should not find difficulties in successfully passing the ICC level one umpiring course. Hence, recommendations will be made to NCF to only nominate those who have passed an NCF Advanced umpiring course

Course intructor was Enesi Dahiru, ICC Certified Umpire and Technical Director, NCF