The International Cricket Council 360 Reviews went into full swing yesterday 17th June 2019 in Abuja with activities stating at the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

The ICC team led by Independent Assessor Mr Zul Ngofounja visited the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Mr Alusade Adesola and also in attendance were senior directors from the ministry.


  1. Zul Ngofonja (Independent Assessor and Consultant with the ICC)
  2. Andy Hobbs (Senior Manager, Development Services, ICC)
  3. Patricia Kambarami (Regional Development Manager, ICC Africa)
  4. Kuben Pillay (Data and Finance Officer, ICC Africa)
  5. Justine Lyngialingi (Development Officer, ICC Africa)

The Permanent Secretary while receiving the delegates, in his welcome address, thanked the ICC officials for visiting Nigeria yet again with the ICC trophy still fresh in his mind and how much in recent times the Ministry and the Nigeria Cricket Federation have enjoyed a cordial relationship with ICC which had led to a significant improvement in all areas of the sports in Nigeria in the last 2 years. He also highlighted areas where Nigeria as a country and the ICC can continue to strengthen their working relationship to ensure continuous growth, development and sustenance of the game.

President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Prof. Yahaya Adam Ukwenya in his welcome address thanked the officials of the ICC for the opportunity to have the 360 Review and extended his gratitude to the Ministry for receiving the delegates from ICC on behalf of the Government and for their support for the game of Cricket in Nigeria. He briefly explained the purpose of the visit by ICC and formally introduced the delegated to the Ministry officials.

Responding on Behalf of the team from ICC, the ‘Senior Manager, Development Services ICC’ Mr. Andy Hobbs, thanked the Ministry for receiving them and explained in details the purpose of the 360 review. Mr Andy said that the entire exercise was to have a clearer picture of the sport in Nigeria in regards to Government involvement and support, Administration, Grassroots development, Media relations, Facilities and lots more, to enable the ICC and the Federation champion out the best way to grow the game in the country.

Next stop by the ICC team was the 3 Cricket Ovals located at the package B’ wing of the National Stadium which has one with a laterite surface, a completed turf wicket and a second turf wicket still under construction. The team also visited the NCF office and were introduced to the staff of the Federation.

The afternoon session resumed with a press conference at the Media Center, of the National Stadium. The members of the high table which included guest from the ICC and the board of the Federation were introduced to members of the Media. The president of the Federation spoke on the Federation’s activities and achievements in the last 2 years, while Mr. Andy Hobbs explained the purpose of the 360 Review.  The members of the press responded with questions which were duly answered in areas where necessary.

Mr Zul Ngofonja took over the 360 Review Sessions where he conducted the interactive session with the press asking questions in relations to how the game can be spread across the country using various medium available to the press, challenges faced and more.

Final session on day one ended with the ICC team meeting with the secretariat and technical staff of the Federation.

Day 2: ICC 360 Review (Abuja)

After a successful outing on day 1, The ICC resumed their tour on day 2 at the Velodrome, Package A’ Moshood Abiola Stadium, where the N.C.F had organized a grassroots program for over 250 school students from the FCT in recognition and participation of the ICC world CRIIO program which is centered around changing the narrative that cricket is inaccessible and expensive, rather reflecting the truth that cricket can be played by any one, anytime and anywhere.

The ICC delegates expressed a lot of excitement at the turn out of the kids and also used the opportunity to participate and play.

Next in the line of activities was the meeting between the ICC team and players in the Abuja, male and female players from Kaduna State, captains and club representatives in Abuja, Sponsors and Potential Sponsors, Coaches and development personnel from Kaduna State, the Secretary General of the Federation, Treasurer and assistant treasurers of the Federation and finally volunteers.


Day 3: ICC 360 Review (Lagos State)

The ICC team arrived Lagos on Wednesday 19th and headed straight to Tafawa Balewa Square Cricket Oval, the traditional home of Cricket in Nigeria where they met with the Lagos State Cricket association. Amongst the delegations was the Chairman of the Association Mr. Kofi Sagoe, Chairman of the Club Cricket Committee Mr. Charles Omoera.  The next session featured sponsors and potential sponsors notably the chairman, Howzat Foundation for Cricket Chief Osatogiwa Osagie.

Next in Line were senior national team players residing in Lagos led by the captain Mr. Ademola Onikoyi. Other players were Joshua Ayannaike, Leke Oyede, and Vice-captain of the U-19 team, Mohammed Taiwo. Players also domicile in the state as well had their chance to also had the chance of interfacing with the delegates from ICC. The ground staff of the Federation and volunteers were not left out.

Considering the fact that Lagos State is a power house of the sport in Nigeria, there was need to also have an interactive session with the media to channel out new ways for which the game can be taken to the local nooks and cranny in the less cricket oriented states.


Day 4: ICC 360 Review (Lagos State)

The ICC 360 review continued in Lagos on day 4 at the Tafawa Balewa Square Cricket Oval.

Activities began on the day with the ICC delegates meeting with state and national coaches. Coaches in attendance include National team male Mr. Uthe Clive Ogbimi, and female Mr. Musa Cyril, coaches from Osun state Mr. Isaac Obembe and Rivers State Mr. Cyril Djebah.

Next on the queue of activities was presentations by various zones. Edo State came with an entourage and made an elaborate presentation of Cricket activities in the last 3 years of development and administration.

Leading the delegates for Edo State was the Vice Chairman of the State Association, Barr. Abraham Oviawe


  1. Abraham Oviawe Esq., Vice Chairman, ESCA.
  2. Mr. Charity Igbinosa, Deputy Director (Technical), Edo State Sports Commission.
  3. Mr. Richard Igbinadolor, Principal, Edo Boys High School.
  4. Mr. Cyril Musa, Coach, Edo State Senior Female Team/ Assistant Coach, National Female Team.
  5. Amb. Theophilus Adolphus Ibodeme, Coach, Edo Boys High School/ Edo State Under 15 & 17.
  6. Miss Samantha Agazuma, Captain, State Senior Female Team.
  7. Master Peter Aho, Captain, State Senior Team.
  8. Miss Muni Abu, Data Officer, Edo Cricket League.
  9. Master David Abiebhode, Acting Captain, Edo State under 15.
  10. Master Prosper Useni, Captain, Edo Boys High School.


Also present during the presentation were Mr. Kelvin Agbonmwanegbe, Board Member, Edo State Cricket Association, Musa Ehizoje Bodie, P.R.O. Nigeria Cricket Federation/Board Member, Edo State Cricket Association, respectively.

Mr Uthe Clive Ogbimi, Former Regional Development Officer for South-South also gave a brief of cricket activities in other states of the South- South zone.

Next on the list of presentations was the South-East represented by the Regional Development Officer Mr. Charles Obasi, Mr. Tony Ajealu, Chairman, Imo State Cricket Association and the member representing South-East on the board of the N.C.F Mr. Chika Okoro.

Finally on the activities for the day was the session with some female cricketers in the country which included national and state team players. National team players include vice capatain, Samantha Agazuma and Hannah Ayoka, Timi Seaman and other players from Lagos State.

Day 5 and 6: (ICC 360 Review Lagos)

Day 5 resumed with the CRIIO concept participation in TBS, eleven schools with over 200 kids turned out for the exercise where the ICC team took part to have interactions with the kids. The ICC team then retired to have a retreat where all information that have been gathered over the course of their visit to Nigeria was coalated, analysed and a progress document produced for the Board of the Federation.

N.C.F BOARD MEETING (21st June 2019)

While the CRIIO program and the ICC retreat were ongoing, the Nigeria Cricket Federation was involved in a board meeting which started at 6.pm. The board meeting had in attendance, 11 board members, the secretary General of the Federation Mr. Taiwo Oriss and the General Manager Mr emeka Igwilo. The board had a break at 12 midnight to resume 9am the next day.

Board members regrouped at 9.am, 12th June to continue the meeting and at 11 am, the ICC 360 Review team was invited to make their presentations and recommendations to the board with relations to findings and information processed from all the data received over the week. The session ended with a group photograph with the board members. The meeting continued for the rest of the day.

The ICC 360 review team departed the shores on Sunday 23rd June 2019.