The Nigeria Cricket Federation has continued to strategize on improved ways to administer the sport in the country with focus on accelerated growth in grassroots development. The Webinar which took place on the 30th of May 2020 included the President of the Federation, Prof. Yahaya Adam Ukwenya, Vice President Mr. Uyi Akpata, Board Members, General Manager, Secretary General, National Development Managers, Regional development officers, coaches and members of the administrative staff.


Proceedings began with the Vice President educating the participants on the purpose of the meeting and a general overview of the task ahead post Covid-19 as the Federation looks to increase the numbers of new entrants into the sports at grassroots level with specific figures in both male and female categories. These figures were explained as it relates to the Federation’s development plans and mandate by the International Cricket Council (ICC).


Mr Akpata also encouraged everyone involved to take opportunity of the exercise and ensure that we surpass the giant stride recorded over the last 3 years.


He concluded that this is just the first in a series of meetings that will be organized in regards to the accelerated growth programs as more stake holders will be engaged over the next few months.


The second session was delivered by Prof Yahaya Ukwenya, the President of the Federation who explained the various stages that will be required for the exercise. He also presented some strategies that will be employed during the processes. They include;

i. Partnership with Government at national and state levels

ii. Partnership with State associations

iii. Partnership with the Ministry of sports

iv. Partnership with schools

v. Partnership with Old boys and Alumni associations

vi. Engagement of more development and desk officers and more.

The President also emphasized on the need to have all hands on deck as to whom much is given, much is expected.


Board members Dahiru Enesi (Technical Rep) and Endurance Ofem (Chairmen Development Committee) who were part of the meeting also made valuable contributions. The vote of thanks was rendered by the secretary of the Federation Mr Taiwo Oriss to bring the meeting to an end.