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Remembering our Heroes past…..Simeon Efe Erukanure

Remembering our Heroes past.... This week, we remember another post-Independence Cricket Maestro, considered as one of the finest with the wicket keeper gloves for Nigeria and Right Hand Opening Batsman, a core gentleman. Meet…………. SIMEON EFE ERUKANURE More

My Cricket Induction Story : A tribute to coach Gabriel Ogosi

MY CRICKET INDUCTION STORY: A TRIBUTE TO COACH GABRIEL OGOSI (CASCA) I grew up in Ughelli and used to ride my bicycle under the broken fence to visit the Akpores as i was not permitted to ride on the road. One day i decided to explore the school as Government College Ughelli (GCU) was rated as one of the best in Africa ... More

Remembering our Heroes past….Ewa Henshaw

Remembering our Heroes Past..... As Nigeria Marks 60 years of Independence, We return this week with our series on a Man considered by many as the Coach of Coaches, Cricket Maestro, Pro Independence prodigy of Nigeria Cricket, with over half a century wealth of experience and contribution to the Sport. Meet... More