The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers of Nigeria (ACUSN) successfully conducted a 3- day Umpire seminar in Owerri, Imo state, from 12th to 16th May 2021. The Seminar which was sponsored by Mr. Chika Okoro’s Well Energy Limited saw 25 participants from the 5 states in the South East in attendance. It ended with the inauguration of the Ebonyi state chapter of ACUSN with Ebi Patrick Agha as Chairman.

Below is the list of those in attendance:

1. Musa Bodie Ehizoje – Chairman ACUSN National/ Facilitator
2. Joseph Eshua – Former Chairman ACUSN National /Facilitator
3. Ikem Asika – Chairman ACUSN Anambra
4. Charles Obasi – Former Secretary ACUSN National/ Coordinator
5. Justin Okere – Imo State Delegate
6. Mba Micheal – Imo State Delegate
7. Igwe Nzubechukwu – Imo State Delegate
8. Chukwuemeka Debora – Imo State Delegate
9. Anthony Henry – Imo State Delegate
10. Osuji Chidiebube – Imo State Delegate
11. Ndubuisi Emmanuel – Imo State Delegate
12. Mba Okwara – Imo State Delegate
13. Miracle Nwigboji – Ebonyi State Delegate
14. Egwu Benedicta – Ebonyi State Delegate
15. Nwode Emmanuel – Ebonyi State Delegate
16. Ugwu Jeff – Ebonyi State Delegate
17. Umuokoro Omerusure – Ebonyi State Delegate
18. Mbamalu Alex Chike – Enugu State Delegate
19. Mbamalu Chike – Enugu State Delegate
20. Ugochukwu Anunuobi – Abia State Delegate
21. Enyima Okwara – Abia State Delegate
22. Agboso Debora – Anambra State Delegate
23. Ani Esther – Anambra State Delegate
24. Okegbo Cynthia Ogochukwu – Anambra State Delegate
25. Nwankwo Chibuike – Vice Chairman Anambra ACUSN/Anambra State Delegate
26. Azuka Onwujiobi – Anambra State Delegate
27. Ugochukwu Umeh – Anambra State Delegate

The delegates attested to the rich content of the seminar and the unique style of delivery applauding the resource persons for their deep knowledge of the subject matter. The zest of the participants was also applauded by the astute resource persons as it created a friendly learning environment.

The delegates thanked the sponsor of the seminar, Mr. Chika Okoro for getting the South East together to learn and interact and for his love and sacrifices for the growth and development of cricket in the southeast region