Accelerated Growth Program, Kaduna State record huge gains

The launch of the accelerated growth program was a huge success as 5 schools out of the 17 invited were able to partake due to the 3rd term exams ongoing in the state. However, 10 game masters from other schools were present to learn the basis of the game.

Led by the National Development Manager (Northern Region) Mr. Joseph Onoja, the game was introduced to the students theoretically and then the basic drills in;

1. Batting (Grip, Stance and Back-lift, down swing and hitting the ball)
2. Bowling (Grip, hands and legs coordination, gather and release /follow through.
3. Fielding (Catching, Throwing, and use of Barriers for stopping the ball).
Other coaches and senior member of the Kaduna State Cricket Association were on ground to facilitate the program. A total of 178 students both Boys and Girls too part in the exercise.

Special guest appearance was the General Manager, Nigeria Cricket Federation Mr. Emeka Igwilo.

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