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Nigeria is set to do battle in Tanzania as captains pose with the tournament trophy

ALL SET FOR AFRICA'S YOUNG CRICKET FINEST IN TANZANIA... No love lost, no more stories to tell and no more fairytales...all is now set to get the games going in Tanzania as 6 Captains share a last friendly pose with the ICC Men's Under-19 World Cup Africa Division 1 Qualifier Trophy. Nigeria will open proceedings ... More

Beautiful scenes showing NCF’s active participation at the ICC Annual Conference 2023

Beautiful scenes from the just concluded ICC Annual Conference in Durban, South Africa. Images include moments when Nigeria received the ICC 100% Women's Cricket Initiative award for the year 2022, strategic alliances with Member countries around the world and more. In attendance was the President of the Federation Mr. Uyi ... More

NCF makes final plans for the ICC Men’s U-19 World Cup Qualifier as squad list is announced

NIGERIA CRICKET FEDERATION MAKES FINAL PREPARATIONS FOR THE ICC MEN’S UNDER-19 WORLD CUP AFRICA DIVISION 1 QUALIFIER AS FINAL SQUAD LIST IS ANNOUNCED. The Nigeria National Under-19 men’s team is all set for continental battle in Tanzania as they prepare to lock horns with 5 other countries in the ICC Men’s ... More

Nigeria successfully participates at the ICC Umpire Tutor’s Course in Zimbabwe

NIGERIA SUCCESSFULLY PARTICIPATES AT THE ICC UMPIRE TUTOR’S COURSE IN ZIMBABWE The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently conducted the maiden edition of the ICC Umpire Tutor’s Course in Harare Zimbabwe. The course was designed to train qualified umpires from member countries in Africa to become ICC tutors ... More