Nigeria Cricket National Team Tour of Kwekwe, Zimbabwe

In anticipation of the upcoming ICC Men’s T20 Africa Regional Qualifier Final in Namibia, the Nigeria Cricket National Team engaged in a riveting tour to Kwekwe, Zimbabwe, marked by a series of intense clashes against the formidable Rhinos.

ies proved to be a rollercoaster of cricketing emotions as both teams fought tooth and nail in five thrilling encounters. Nigeria showcased resilience, adaptability, and exceptional skill, ultimately securing victory with a commendable 3-2 lead against the Rhinos.

Throughout the series, standout individual performances from Nigerian players, both with bat and ball, played a pivotal role in the team’s success. The collective effort demonstrated the depth and talent within the Nigeria Cricket National Team.

The tour to Kwekwe served as invaluable preparation for the Nigeria team, providing crucial match practice, refining strategies, and fostering team unity ahead of the high-stakes ICC Men’s T20 Africa Regional Qualifier Final in Namibia.

As the team leaves Kwekwe with a series victory, the focus now shifts to the bigger stage in Namibia. The triumph against the Rhinos serves as a source of confidence and momentum, propelling Nigeria with optimism as they aim for success in the regional qualifier.


The Senior YellowGreens departs Zimbabwe with heads held high, ready to face the challenges and opportunities that await them in Namibia. The journey continues, and the team is geared up for a spirited campaign in pursuit of T20 glory.