Board Members

The Board of the Nigeria Cricket Federation is headed by the President. The Board meets and takes decisions for the Federation. The Full Council which comprises of all the States have the final say on vital issues.

Board Members

Mr. Uyi Akpata

President, Nigeria Cricket Federation

Mr. Oyewale Obalola

Vice President, Nigeria Cricket Federation

Mr. Taiwo Orris

Secretary General

Mr. Musa Sule Jarmai

North East Rep.

Mr. Oludare Aimola

North Central Rep.

Mr.Umazi N.Uma

North West Rep.

Mr. Joseph Eshua

Technical Rep.

Mr. Endurance Ofem

Players' Rep.

Mr. Chika Okoro

South East Rep.

Mr. Tayo Atoloye

South West Rep.

Mr. Emeka Igwilo

General Manager

Mr. Usman Ladan

Institution Rep.