The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers of Nigeria (ACUSN) Inaugurated a new member chapter in Abuja.

After due consultations and satisfying the requirements to become a chapter,  Abuja chapter was inaugurated under the supervision of two members of the national executives Mr Joe onoja (National Treasurer)and Mr. Eshua Joseph (Ex Officio) .

In attendance was the zonal rep North-Central on the Nigeria Cricket Federation board Mr Dare Aimola and the vice President Cricket Club Abuja, Mr Mike Micah who is also a member of Abuja ACUSN.

The Executives of the Abuja Chapter are

  1. Biyi Adegbola———————-Chairman
  2. Musa Yayi Bolaji——————-Vice Chairman
  3. Aregbesola Olamide ————- Secretary
  4. Kayode Adebayo ——————Asst.Secretary
  5. Mary Ashafa ———————- Treasurer
  6. Peter yakubu ———————- P.R.O

Members are

  1. Gbenga Ariyo ——————– Member
  2. Michael Micah ——————- Member
  3. Joel Kelechi ———————- Member
  4. Kingsley Daniel —————– Member
  5. Nafees Nashiz Khan ———— Member