The Nigeria Cricket Federation successfully conducted a development and coaching seminar 2018 in Abuja.

The Seminar which was themed; Overview of Cricket development Road map for Nigeria, was designed to introduce the development pathway to be engaged by the Federation in regards to Mini Cricket, Age grade, Senior and women Cricket.

The 2 day seminar took place at the Media Center and Training pitch, National Stadium Package A’ Abuja, with over 30 participants in attendance.

Participants include:

  • President of the Federation Prof. Yahaya Ukwenya
  • Board Members
  • National Team Coaches (Male and Female)
  • National development Managers (Northern and Southern Region)
  • Regional Development Officers (6 Zones)
  • Development Officers (State Based)
  • Coaches from the 6 geo-political zone
  • Federation Secretary and Treasurer
  • State Sponsored coaches
  • Volunteers
  • Press


DAY (1st Segment)

Day one began with accreditation, opening prayers, introduction of facilitators and participants. The president of the Federation Prof. Yahaya Ukwenya gave his opening remarks while explaining the purpose of the seminar in line with the vision and mission of the current board. His opening remarks also centered on NCF expectations and Objectives.

The Secretary of the Federation Mr Taiwo Oriss was next in line to deliver his lecture which bothered on “Government’s role in sports Development”. The Secretary reiterated Government’s commitment to provide sustainable structures and funding to aid the growth and development of sports across the country.

Mr. Michael Idoko, Treasurer attached to the Federation by the government  also used the opportunity to give a brief training and explanation on Accounting and Funds retirement.





The General Manager of the Federation Mr. Emeka Igwilo delivered a lecture on ICC Development policy. In his presentation, the ICC structure and expectations for Nigeria and the steps to achieving it was clearly highlighted and discussed.

On the NCF Development Strategy, The plan to build and sustain our stories was delivered by Mr. Endurance Ofem, Board member of the NCF. He outlined the development strategy and plans of the Federation. Participants were clearly interested and engaged in interactive sessions to get clarity on grey areas moving forward.

The Next paper Challenges and prospects of taking players through the development pathway (Oyo and Kaduna Experiences), was delivered by Mr Okon Ukpon and the President of the Federation Prof. Yahaya Adam Ukwenya. They both gave examples of when they began the grassroot developments in their states and the strategies they engaged in that yielded success with players from that process growing through the ranks and eventually representing the country and various levels.


NCF Mini Cricket- The mass participation and role played by volunteers and parents (Regional Focus). These topics were delivered by the National team Coach Mr Uthe Obimi, and Mr. Endurance Ofem. Mr. Uthe spoke about the basics and meaning of Mini Cricket, Mr Endurance spoke on how to get volunteers into coaching and sustain them in the process and also how to engage parents in providing support for their kids to get involved in the game.


Female Cricket was not left out as that is one of the integral parts of Cricket development by the Federation. National team female coaches Mr. Cyril Musa, Mr Seyi Sonde and Mr. Tonye Timinadi spoke on the Structure and Support required in rolling out mass participation and excellence program. Challenges of coaching and managing female Cricket was the main focus for discussion with emphasis laid on the uniqueness of getting girls to play the game and provision of the right equipment for female Cricket. Cyril Musa, Seyi Sonde also spoke on the Edo and Ogun State experiences in developing female Cricket while the lecture was rounded up by the National team female captain, Blessing Etim, who gave a brief of the national team outing in Ghana.



The 3rd segment for the day resumed with the General Manager delivering the topic on Reporting and Data management/maximizing our scorecard. The need to effectively report cricket activities across the countries was emphasized with National development manager and the regional development officers charged with the responsibility of monitoring various coaches at the zonal and state levels. The need to grow our numbers through Mini cricket and modified versions of the game was also stressed by the General Manager as this poses one of the greatest percentages in our ICC Score card.


The technical representative on the board of NCF Mr. Enesi Dahiru delivered his lecture on the topic; Building technical capacity/incorporating Cricket Laws and Regulations in the development of the game.

Mr Enesi spoke on the need to build capacity in every aspect of the game ranging from Coaches to umpires, Mentors and Volunteers etc. He gave examples of the process undergone by umpires in the last couple of years and specifically on the 2 international tournaments hosted by the country in April that eventually led to the recognition by the International Cricket Council who invited 3 umpires from Nigeria to officiate at the ICC U-19 Div.2 Qualifier in August 2018. He also spoke on the need to have a well-structured coaches association in the country. Mr. Enesi also emphasized the benefits of teaching and inculcating the laws and spirit of the game from grassroot level.

Another key area of discourse was “Understanding the roles of Non-Technical skill in player development”, which was presented by the president of the Federation Prof. Yahaya Ukwenya and Mr. Uthe Ogbimi. They highlighted some non-technical skills in cricket coaching and ways to identify the different uniqueness in every player how it these non-technical skills can be used as a motivational tool to bring out the best in a player.

Other topics delivered were;

  • Coaching as a catalyst to efficient Cricket (Endurance Ofem)
  • Pipeline System (Okon Ukpong)
  • Role of Coach Education Managers (Uthe Ogbimi)
  • Coaching Courses Pathway (Uthe Ogbimi)
  • Player Pathway Policy, U-13, U-15, U-17, U-19 and Men/Women (President and Endurance Ofem)

Mr Okon Ukpong delivered his final paper of the day on the topic; Coaching of high performance techniques. He explained the various methods of coaching as it varies from Mini Cricket to the age grade systems, skill enhancement and fine-tuning, high performance techniques with specific drills and practice to achieving specific results and psychological preparation, game preparation and match management as other forms of high performance training.

The final Lecture for the day was presented by the P.R.O of the Federation Mr Musa Ehizoje who spoke on “Media as a Marketing and development tool” assisted by Mr. Charles Obasi who talked about shared experiences on the federation Website.

Mr Musa explained the Different types of Media, functionality and dynamics as it relates to marketing the Federation as a brand attractive enough to bring sponsorship. He also emphasized the need to be good ambassadors of the sport both in private and public representation. Mr Charles Obasi also did a practical demonstration on how to access the Federation website and other social media platforms as well as ways to make the Handles more interactive to attract enough traffic to the site.

Closing Prayers to mark the end of Day 1 was conducted by Mr. Enesi Dahiru



DAY 2: PRACTICALS (30th September 2018)


The second day resumed around 10am in the morning with the topic “Preparing for Mini Cricket”, which was taken by Mr. Uthe Ogbimi and Mr. Tonye Timinadi. The duo explained the rudiments in preparation when approaching a young kid to play Cricket and to have fun in the process, noting that it is important to teach and not coach at that tender age. The south-south summer slam coaching clinic which was recently conducted across the six states in the zone was used as reference.

The facilitators and participants all moved to the field for practical.


Coaches and Participants were selected into groups and the bating drills were taken in phases, broken into stages and taken one step at a time. After 15 minutes, each group rotates to learn another drill.

  • The Grip, Stance and Back lift were basic drills take by Mr Okon Ukpong Uthe Ogbimi and Endurance Ofem
  • Stroke play was taken by Uthe Ogbimi, Okon Ukpong and the President of the Federation



Bowling drills were also taken by Mr Uthe Ogbimi, highlighting the need to get the rudiments correctly from a tender age.

  • Grip, Positioning and arm rotation was part of the basic drill engaged in.



Fielding and Catching drills were led by Mr. Tamuno John who engaged the coached in the various forms of fielding

  • Long and Short barriers
  • Stop, Pickup and Throws (under arm and overhead)
  • Fingers formation and different types of catches.




The Afternoon session resumed back in the classroom and participants were divided into 5 group. A group will serve as lead at a time and others as support while reviewing and reflecting on a particular topic. Every group had 20 minutes each to go through the rotation till everyone had a common understanding of what the seminar was all about. Opportunities were given to ask questions in areas where necessary.



  • VISION: The future/Building Database/Capacity Building of coaches in Nigeria.

The national team coach Mr. Uthe Ogbimi delivered his final lecture of the seminar stressing the need to build a database for all the coaches across the country with a National grading scheme to be able to monitor and assess the progress of coaches over time. He also advised that regular coaching seminars should be organized at zonal levels to accommodate more participants.


  • VISION: The future/Building Database/Capacity Building of Umpires in Nigeria.

Mr. Enesi Dahiru complimented the Umpires associating for having a complete database of Umpires in the country but stressed the need for a National Grading scheme into Categories A, B and C. he also reiterated the need to have regular seminars for umpires to update them with the new changes and modifications to laws and playing conditions.


Mr. Endurance Ofem gave a general assessment of the seminar stating that it had been worthwhile and urged participants to return back to their base with the gospel of Cricket putting everything learned in the course of the 2 days into maximum use. He also clamored for more frequent seminars to be conducted by the Federation.


Finally, the General manager Mr. Emeka Igwilo wrapped up the seminar with an interactive session where participants were asked to make individual pronouncements and targets from Quarter.4 2018 and beyond.


The participants visited the ovals under construction where the Chief Grounds man gave them a tour around the proposed facility.