The NCF Accelerated growth program is spreading like wild fire in the North East region of the country much to the delight of the Federation.

The North East has been ravaged with insecurity over the last decade which has grossly affected the growth and development of the sport in that region of the country. However, the NCF Accelerated Growth Program is designed to break the barriers and ensure that Cricket is introduced to the region in a bid to spread the game and the values it possesses.

Taraba State is the latest to benefit from the development program as Cricket is introduced to Mohammed Nya primary and Secondary School on the 4th of November 2021. The introductory program was conducted by the NCF field Officer, Obinna Ohurogu where a total of 106 Boys and 61 Girls participated in the exercise. Activities on the day include;

• Introduction to Cricket
• Basics in Batting (Grip, Stance, Back-lift and Swing)
• Basics in Bowling (ball grip and arm rotation)
• Basics in Fielding (Long & short Barriers, Throwing)

The accelerated growth program will continue in every state across the country.