• Brilliant Nigeria ladies defeats Rwanda by 9 runs in the finals of the NCF Women’s T20i 3rd edition tourney in Lagos.

  • Impressive bowling from Rachael Samson and Lucky Piety highlights the satisfaction of this victory for Nigeria in a De-ja-vu manner from 365 days ago.

  • Sierra Leone ensured 3rd place finish in the tournament with a comfortably win against Cameroon by 9 wickets


*Nigeria vs Rwanda*

Rwanda drew first blood in the battle of the final group game of the tournament, beating Nigeria comfortably by 39 runs to set the stage on who war the war and takes the glory from the tournament. With so much expectation from both team and pressure to deliver, the energy and enthusiasm around the ground was evident as the ladies, hands on their chest, sang their various National anthems with pride and vigor.

Straight into the action, Nigeria won the toss and elected to bat first sending in Rwanda to field. The first over went for 7 runs with expectations of a high scoring total. Rwanda bowled the best we have seen in this tournament, restricting Nigeria to just 21 runs for the loss of 1 wicket after 6 overs of power play. Midway into the game, Nigeria shockingly could only manage 8 runs in 4 overs to record 29 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. From the fourteenth over, Salome Sunday picked up the pace and runs began to flow for free to lift the spirit of the team.  In the end, Nigeria finished with a total of 99 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in 20 overs.

Brave and very significant efforts from Salome Sunday with 48 runs off 58 balls not out, supported by captain Blessing Etim with 14 runs off 11 balls and Lucky Piety with 11 runs off 17 balls were the double figures and best bating figures from team Nigeria.

Irera Rosine, Josiane Nyirankudineza and Gisele Inshime all had 1 wicket each for Rwanda

Disappointed as the Nigeria audience and supporters were feeling, the players were full of confidence that it was their title to lose. It became very evident from the first ball of the second innings with sublime fielding as Rwanda lost their first wicket in the 2nd for over just 3 runs. Gisele Imshimwe refused to crack as her resilience transferred the pressure back to the Nigeria side which saw Rwanda on 34 runs for the loss of 2 wickets after 6 overs of power play. At 10 overs, it seemed like a one sided affair as Captain Diane Bimenyimana stepped in to provide some balance and partnership with Rwanda comfortable on 50 runs, losing just 2 wickets.

Nigeria got the much desired wicket in the 12th over when Captain Diane was run out and from then, Rwanda was never given another opportunity to recover with every delivery from Racheal Samson, Adekunle Adeshola and Piety Lucky became a potential wicket taking ball. When the wicket of Gisele fell in the 16th over with Rwanda on 73 runs, the atmosphere in the oval had become intense and for the first time in the game, victory appeared on the horizon.

Needless to say much, the Nigeria Women’s Team ‘’AKA Female Yellow Greens’’ held on to clinch what would be required as a much deserved victory  over Rwanda, taking into context that they had been outplayed and beaten just 24 hours before the match by the same team. Pain in the hearts of the Rwanda team but tears of joy and genuine satisfaction on the faces of the Nigeria players as the reality of losing the battle but winning the war gradually sank in.

Rwanda agonizingly fell short of the required total, finishing with 90 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in 20 overs.

Giisele Ishimwe scored 31 runs off 48 balls while Bimeyinmana Diane and Henriette Ishimer both scored 15 runs off 19 balls respectively as the best bating figures for team Rwanda.

Lucky Piety got 3 wickets, conceding 15 runs in 3 overs while Rachael Samson at the tail end also got 3 wickets, conceding 13 runs in 3 overs for Nigeria

Salome Sunday was named player of the match.

*Nigeria won by 9 runs and crowned champions of the tournament.*


  1. Nigeria—(Winners)

  2. Rwanda—(Runners up)

  3. Sierra Leone—(3rd place)


  • V.P—– Henriette Inshimwe (RW)

  • Best Fielder—-Blessing Etim (NG)

  • Best Batter — Gisele Inshimwe(RW)

  • Best Bowler—Alice Fillie (SL)

  • Spirit of Cricket (CMR)


*Day 6 Match 1: (Semi-final)*
*Cameroon vs Sierra Leone*

For Sierra Leone, 3rd place would be satisfactory if they can repeat the same effort in their win against Cameroon just 24 hours ago.

Cameroon won the toss and elected to bat first, sending Sierra Leone to field. Manuella Mibida started on the front foot by hitting some boundaries in the power play overs but opening Partners Madeleine Nseke and Maguerite Etoga scored nothing to complement her efforts which restricted the team to 28 runs for the loss of 3 wickets after 6’ overs of power play.

Wickets continue to fall as Mbida held on to keep the board ticking for Cameroon but no decent partnership to sustain a momentum. Clement Ingrid came on in the middle stages to contribute 11 runs off 24 balls before Brenda Waluma’s efforts at the tail end of the batting line-up with 14 runs off 9 balls.

Manuella Mbida was the pest performer with the bat for Cameroon, hitting 33 runs off 36 balls.

Cameroon eventually finished with 84 runs all out in 17.2 overs.

Janet Kowa got 3 wickets, conceding 14 runs, 1 maiden in 4 overs, supported by Fatu Pessima with 2 wickets, conceding 11 runs in 4 overs for Sierra Leone


In the second innings, Sierra Leone made light work of the run chase by taking advantage of the power play overs to record a total of 40 runs for no loss. Emma Kamara led the charge with 19 runs off 23 balls and Fatmata Parkinson anchoring with 11 runs off 17 balls.

The story continued throughout the innings with Cameroon being able to make just 1 breakthrough in the wicket of Emma Kamara who finished with 22 runs off 29 balls. Captain Fatmata Parkinson sored 30 off 44 balls before Celina bull rounded off a very good run chase with 14 runs off 14 balls.

Sierra Leone scored the required total of 85 runs for the loss of 1 wicket in 13.2 overs.

Janet Kowa was named player of the match.

*Sierra Leone won by 9 wickets and finished as 3rd place winners*