The Edo State 2018 Cricket Season closing ceremony ends in grand style. The 2018 season closing ceremony which featured a range of activities started from Wednesday 23rd May in Auchi Edo North senatorial district to the grand finale in Edo Boys High School, Benin City on the 26th May 2016.


The closing ceremony resumed on day 2 with Educational Programs at the Edo Boys High School Hall, Benin City. Earlier this month, The Edo State Cricket association sent 2 coaches and 1 umpire to South Africa for the ICC coaches and umpires courses. The State association used the opportunity organize seminars/workshops to enlighten the local coaches and umpires on the most recent methods for training which is at par with the highest standard in the world.

Seminars are;

  • Umpires/Scorers Seminar
  • Coaching Seminar
  • Media Seminar



  • Agbonwanegbe Nosa
  • Ibodeme Theophilus
  • Musa Ehizoje Bodie

The purpose of the seminar was to update the state umpires on the latest Laws as well as changes to playing condition of the game. A total of 35 umpires were invited for the seminar with Benin City providing 25 and Ekpoma 10 respectively.  For level 1, areas of concentrations were carefully outlined to relate with preparation by umpires before a match and most likely occurrence during a match. Areas discussed include;

  1. Who is an Umpire
  2. Qualities of an Umpire
  3. Roles of an umpire
  4. P.C.T
  5. No Ball, Wide ball, LBW
  6. Positioning and Signals by Umpire etc.

At the end of the seminar, the Edo State ACUSN chapter welcomed new members with special concentration on Female Umpires.


The 1st ever Edo State Media Orientation seminar is an initiative created to spread the gospel of Cricket to every nooks and cranny of the state and beyond. The board, understanding the power and importance of the media decided to go into a mutual partnership that will ensure cricket activities and news will be on every medium of information dissemination in the state.

The Seminar was attended by every News reporting agency in the state both Traditional, electronic and print media. Medium present are:

  • Africa Independence Television (AIT)
  • Independent Television (ITV)
  • Edo Broadcasting Station (EBS)
  • Silverbird TV (Stv)
  • Nigeria Television Authority (Benin)

Others are


  • Radio Nigeria
  • Independent Radio
  • Ray Power
  • Kukuruku FM
  • Rhythm FM


  • Nigerian Observer
  • Punch
  • Vanguard
  • Daily Trust
  • Daily Independent

The seminar talked about The Sport called Cricket, Basic explanation of the game, Brief History, Formats of the game, unique terminologies, umpire signals/dismissals, interpreting results and proper news reportage and lots more.


A simplified introductory manual with work book was presented to members of the various medium in attendance to study for better understanding of the game.



The eventful closing ceremony on day 2 continued with a coaching seminar organized for the state coaches anchored by the National Male Team Coach Mr, Uthe Ogbimi and National Team Ass. Female Coach Mr Cyril Musa, both recently trained in South-Africa as Facilitators.

Areas of coaching delivered include

  • Coaching Skills
  • Legacy of coaching
  • Level 1 bowling skills and 6 parts of bowling action
  • Basic bio-mechanics of bowling

Other areas are

  • Long term participants development
  • Coach methods
  • shaping and chain principles of coachig

The seminar came to a close at 6pm