I grew up in Ughelli and used to ride my bicycle under the broken fence to visit the Akpores as i was not permitted to ride on the road. One day i decided to explore the school as Government College Ughelli (GCU) was rated as one of the best in Africa by all standards.

I rode to sports avenue and this beautiful game being played in all white caught my eye and attention. I watched from afar and fell in love at first sight. It became a ritual to visit everyday and return home before my mother returned from work. I drew 3 stumps on the wall of my house and threw tennis balls at them as that was what i saw them do everyday.

My brother Jude was at boarding at Edo College and when he came on holidays and saw the stumps on the wall, he passively just told me it was a game called cricket and it ended at that. Then Man Eru’s dad brought Eru to my mother for her to be his Guardian at GCU. That was my birth to the Noble game and i was given my 1st bat in 1977 by my mentor Man Eru as a send off gift when we moved to Warri in 1977.

Fast Forward to 1983, my set at Federal Government college Warri (FGCW) was the first ever FGCW team to beat GCU to represent Bendel state at Kaduna 83(Intermediates).

That was when this beautiful man with a “White Volkswagen Beetle car branded GM all dressed in sparkling “Vintage GM from head to toe walked into our lives for the very first time. The rest is history to be told another day.

I have kept these pair of GM pants for 35 yrs and will treasure them even more-so as it was an extra given to me personally by Casca as i was rated Statistically as the best intermediate bowler in Nigeria at Kwara 85.

Adieu my Friend and co mentor, though you wont see this, we all love you but God loves you most. One love always.