All is now set for the commencement of the 7th edition of the National Youth Games in Asaba, Delta State. In the last 6 editions, Kwara State have successfully hosted the games and a change in venue for this first time has ignited a lot of excitement and for Cricket, the felling is much the same. A record 19 states will feature in this year’s edition with Bauchi State from the North East making it debut in the tournament. The number of increased states in this year’s event is a testament  of the massive grassroots work by the Federation in recent times.

Fixture have been drawn and games are expected to resume on Sunday 24th September 2023. 2 venues have been assigned for Cricket with 3 different events.



[20:17, 23/09/2023] Tonye Timinadi: 7th NATIONAL YOUTH GAMES “ASABA 2023”.


ODI Female (10 overs)

Group A
A. Delta
B. Edo
C. Cross River
D. Ebonyi

Group B
A. Oyo
B. Kogi
C. Ekiti
D. Kaduna

Sunday 24th September, 2023
1. Delta vs Edo.
2. Oyo vs Kogi.
3. Cross River vs Ebonyi.
4. Ekiti vs Kaduna.

Monday 25th September, 2023
1. Delta vs Cross River.
2. Oyo vs Ekiti.
3. Edo vs Ebonyi.
4. Kogi vs Kaduna.

Tuesday 26th September, 2023
1. Delta vs Ebonyi.
2. Oyo vs Kaduna.
3. Edo vs Cross River.
4. Kogi vs Ekiti.

Wednesday 27th September, 2023
1. Winner Group A vs Runners up Group B.
2. Winner Group B vs Runners up Group A.

Losers SF 1 vs Losers SF 2

Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2.
[20:31, 23/09/2023] Tonye Timinadi: 7th National Youth games.
Cricket Events.
ODI Male (10 overs).
Group A.
A. Ebonyi.
B. Kaduna.
C. Delta.
D. Edo.
E. Akwa Ibom.

Group B.
A. Sokoto.
B. Lagos.
C. Kwara.
D. Anambra.
E. Bauchi.

Sunday 24th September, 2023.
1. Ebonyi vs Kaduna.
2. Sokoto vs Lagos.
3. Delta vs Edo.
4. Kwara vs Anambra.
5. Akwa Ibom vs Ebonyi.
6. Bauchi vs Sokoto.

Monday 25th September, 2023.
1. Kaduna vs Delta.
2. Lagos vs Kwara.
3. Edo vs Akwa Ibom.
4. Anambra vs Bauchi.
5. Ebonyi vs Delta.
6. Sokoto vs Kwara.

Tuesday 26th September, 2023.
1. Kaduna vs Edo.
2. Lagos vs Anambra.
3. Akwa Ibom vs Kaduna.
4. Bauchi vs Lagos.
5. Delta vs Akwa Ibom.
6. Kwara vs Bauchi.

Wednesday 27th September, 2023.
1. Ebonyi vs Edo.
2. Sokoto vs Anambra.
Semi Finals.
1. Winner group A vs Runners up group B.
2. Winner group B vs Runners up group A.

3rd Place Finals
Losers semi finals 1 vs Losers semi finals 2.

Winner semi finals 1 vs Winner semi finals 2.