In a heartfelt return to Kaduna, the President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF), Uyi Akpata, graced the city with his presence, marking a significant moment that blended personal joy with professional commitment. His visit, brimming with significance, included attending the wedding ceremony of the National U19 coach Dauda Gim Daniel and a pivotal inspection of the Murtala Square Cricket Oval, formerly known as the Crocodile Club.

The President’s journey to Kaduna was twofold – a celebration of love and a testament to the close-knit cricketing community. Attending the wedding ceremony of the National U19 coach added a personal touch to the visit, showcasing the familial bonds that underpin the cricketing fraternity in Nigeria.

The highlight of the President’s visit was the inspection of the Murtala Square Cricket Oval, a ground with historical significance as the erstwhile Crocodile Club. The refurbishing of this cricketing landmark is not merely a cosmetic upgrade; it is a testament to the progressive vision of the Kaduna State government’s development program.


The Murtala Square Cricket Oval, once synonymous with cricketing glory, has undergone a comprehensive transformation. The President, with a discerning eye, evaluated the changes that are not just about the aesthetics but, more importantly, about creating an environment conducive to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of sporting excellence.

The refurbishing of the oval stands as a tangible manifestation of the Kaduna State government’s commitment to the development of cricket. As part of a broader development program, the renewed oval symbolizes the state’s recognition of sports, particularly cricket, as a catalyst for community engagement and youth development.


The President’s visit and the inspection of the Murtala Square Cricket Oval mark a symbolic homecoming for cricket in Kaduna. The oval, rejuvenated and at 60% completion stage, has the potential to become a hub for cricketing activities, tournaments, and the nurturing of future cricket stars.

Beyond the inspection, the President’s visit underscored the unity and shared aspirations of the cricketing community in Kaduna. His engagement with local cricketing authorities and players echoed a commitment to fostering talent at the grassroots level.

As the President bids farewell to Kaduna, the city is left with a renewed sense of optimism for cricket’s future. The Murtala Square Cricket Oval holds the promise of becoming a symbol of cricketing excellence and community pride in Kaduna.

In the chapters to come, the echoes of this visit will resonate not just on the cricket field but within the hearts of the cricketing community in Kaduna. The President’s return was not only a celebration of personal milestones but a testament to the enduring spirit and potential of cricket in the region.