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Accelerated Growth Program, Edo State in focus

The Edo State Cricket Association over the last 30 days have taken the Accelerated Growth Program on a much higher scale with a view to increase and expand the number of schools playing the game across the state. A program titled ‘’Edo State Cricket outreach’’ was embarked upon by the Edo State Cricket Association ... More

Accelerated Growth Program, Kaduna State record huge gains

ACCELERATED GROWTH PROGRAM IN KADUNA STATE RECORD HUGE GAINS The launch of the accelerated growth program was a huge success as 5 schools out of the 17 invited were able to partake due to the 3rd term exams ongoing in the state. However, 10 game masters from other schools were present to learn the basis of the ... More

Oyo State ACUSN successfully conducts Umpire seminar module 2′

As a follow up to the maiden seminar for umpires and scorers in Oyo State, the State Chapter of the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers in Nigeria (ACUSN) held its second seminar in as many years. This seminar was originally billed for 2020 but the global pandemic truncated the plans. However, the Module 2 of the ... More

Enugu State Cricket Association conducts 1 day cricket seminar

ENUGU STATE CRICKET ASSOCIATION CONDUCTS 1 DAY SEMINAR ON INTRODUCTION TO CRICKET   The Enugu State Cricket Association under the able chairmanship of Mr. Ogbonnaya Okogeri has successfully conducted a one-day Introduction to Cricket Seminar for selected secondary schools in Enugu state. The seminar took place ... More

NCF completes the distribution of grassroots equipment nationwide

Nigeria Cricket Federation yet again can pride herself in another mile stone achieved over the last 1 year. About the same time in 2020, Sports in Nigeria and the world over were grounded due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it was almost impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel for our dear sport.   L... More

Ibom League 2021 begins in Uyo

Following the successful Umpires and Scorers seminar and the Inauguration of Akwa IBOM State chapter of ACUSN, the 2021 edition of Ibom Cricket league began on Saturday 17th July with top players from Rivers State league and a State executive members taking the bowl off ceremony. The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for ... More

NCF PitchVision Managers undergoes 2 days training in Abuja

The Team of NCF PitchVision Managers concluded a 2 day training on the use of the equipment. The training which was conducted via googlemeet online took place on the 15th and 16th July, in Abuja. Areas of training included, Setting up for indoor and outdoor training, full Match set up, Online scoring, Live Streaming, ... More

Nigeria Cricket Federation Acquires PitchVision Technology.

NIGERIA CRICKET FEDERATION ACQUIRES PITCH VISION ONE (PV1) TECHNOLOGY 14th July 2021 The Nigeria Cricket Federation is pleased to announce to all Stake Holders, Players, Coaches, Umpires and Fans that the PitchVision One technology has been acquired. The Board of the Federation when Inaugurated in July 2017 clearly had ... More

South-South Batch A’ Umpires Seminar conducted in Uyo

The South-South Batch A' Umpires and Scorers Seminar and Inauguration of Akwa Ibom State Chapter recorded huge success in Uyo, the State's Capital. The seminar which is the intermediate training and Module 2 of the Umpires and Scorers education is a Nationwide program that seeks to improve the quality, standard and ... More